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By 2010 there will be almost 50 million AIDS orphans.

The core vision of Watoto is to... Rescue a Child, Raise a Leader and Rebuild a Nation.

Dear Friends and Family,
More than a year ago, I had the opportunity to experience the Watoto Children's Choir at my church, Oasis. It was beautiful and inspiring to witness such pure joy from these children. The impact was remarkable. Oasis Christian Center has partnered with Watoto Ministries to fight the devastating impact of AIDS and poverty on the people of Uganda. With the support of sponsors, Watoto provides parentless children with a loving family in the Watoto village. Watoto provides a holistic approach-physical, educational, emotional and spiritual to support the overall development of these precious children. This December, Oasis will send a team of volunteers to bring "A Watoto Christmas" to over 2,000 orphans and widows.

I will be part of a team of about 40 volunteers, and need to raise at least $3,500...
I cannot do this without your help. 
Check out some of the amazing work Watoto is doing in Uganda.  VIDEO

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Much love,
Amy Jean West
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